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Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired


Greensboro Furnace RepairA furnace is a vital part of your family's comfort, but a malfunctioning furnace can quickly become unsafe or small problems can turn into huge, costly ones. You should be aware of how your furnace normally functions and take note of any changes in its performance even if they are only slight. A furnace is an appliance that will generally give you warning signs before it breaks down. Know signs to look out for that can indicate it needs repair such as higher heating bills, inconsistent temperatures in your home and strange noises coming from the unit.

What homeowners tend to notice first are changes in their normal heating costs. A sudden, unexpected increase in your gas or electric bill is a big red flag that can point to your furnace. A number of potential furnace problems result in the unit becoming less and less efficient. Furnaces can also begin to struggle distributing heat if they need certain repairs. You may notice that some rooms are cold, while others are hot or that you simply cannot maintain a comfortable temperature no matter how much you adjust your thermostat.

Banging, rattling, popping or squealing sounds coming from your furnace are not a good sign. They can begin very faintly or only occur every so often. Furnaces do tend to make noise as they run, but new or different sounds should be taken seriously even if they do not seem like much. Other audible changes such as the blower running constantly or turning on and off in rapid succession are also noises to keep on your radar. 

If you experience any of these signs or your home has become excessively dry or you have noted changes in the color of your furnace's flame you should contact an HVAC professional immediately. The sooner furnace issues are caught and repaired the safer your family is and the less it will cost. If your furnace is older, fifteen or more, then you can expect to need more repairs and be more on the lookout for warning signs in addition to investing in routine maintenance inspections. Do not put your family in danger or risk a furnace breakdown in the middle of winter.

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