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Five Most Common Types of Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

Where would we be without a well-functioning bathroom? But things can and do go wrong in this central household room and many of us find ourselves with bathroom problems throughout the year. And yet much of the trouble could be avoided with a routine check from a professional plumber. Here are some of the most common types of bathroom plumbing repairs we perform:

1. Damaged Fixtures

Damaged fixtures can be an eyesore. Nobody likes looking at corroded faucets while they are taking a leisurely shower or bath. But leaving these puppies to fester can also cause problems such as ongoing water leaks which over time, will add to your water bill. Most damaged fixtures can be easily and affordably replaced, or, simply require a new seal or washer.

2. Structural or Design Problems

The other plumbing bathroom repairs we commonly perform are removing bathroom rot, decay, leaks or blockages.  Some blockages can be repaired yourself just by putting a bucket under the sink, undoing the pipe under the sink and removing the blockage. But anything beyond this we suggest calling us for help.

3. Mold Growth in Sinks

You wouldn’t think so but mould growth in bathroom sinks isn’t just nasty, it also can cause blockage so definitely call us if you suspect your sinks contain mould build-up.

4. Bad Odor Problems

If your bathroom toilet, bath, and/or sink stinks, even when nobody is using it we mean, then chances are you have a problem. The causes of bad odor from your bathroom run the gamete from a venting problem (the water in the vent of each fixture becomes siphoned off and no longer can block the fumes.) Or, this could be a problem with a pipe beneath your bathroom being plugged up. Either way, if your bathroom smells like a sewer, call us!

5. Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet happens more than you think, especially with young kids in the house. The best way to protect your toilet from young children throwing toys etc. down there is buying a toilet lock. The best way to resolve a clogged potty is turn the shut-off valve counter clockwise to turn off the water supply. Use a plunger and if this fails, get a plumbing snake. This is a long coil of wire designed to unclog your toilet. If this fails, who knows what is down there but it’s time to call us for help!

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