Kernersville Clogged Toilet Repair Services

Clogged toilets can be embarrassing and a huge inconvenience. Get it fixed today with our clogged toilet repair!

Toilet clogs almost always happen at an inopportune time, like when you’re expecting company or have family over. When your toilet is clogged, you can’t use it which can be uncomfortable when you have a big family and a limited amount of toilets. Luckily, there’s no need to wait to have your clogged toilet repaired by a professional. At Plumbing & Air Service Co., we’ve seen all kinds of clogs so you don’t have to feel worried when you call us out to your home. We offer a variety of services from clogged toilet repair to toilet installation so that all of your bases are covered.

Are your sink or shower drains backing up due to a clog? Schedule a drain cleaning service with one of our technicians.

When to Schedule Clogged Toilet Repair

When your toilet gets clogged, it becomes a huge inconvenience. Imagine not being able to use your restroom in peace, it can make your whole day stressful! Even though your home’s toilet is one of the most used appliances in the household, many homeowners don’t repair, replace or maintain their toilets. Here are some signs you need professional help:

  • Your toilet is old
  • Your toilet clogs frequently
  • Cracked or leaking toilet bowl
  • Your toilet has problems flushing

Whether you want to replace your toilet to have a better functioning, more efficient toilet in your home, or if you’re replacing for aesthetics, we offer toilet repair and toilet replacement.

How to Avoid Clogging Your Toilet

Many issues that arise with your toilets arise because of improper flushing, poor maintenance, and not addressing clogs. When clogs go unaddressed, they can leak or crack, causing further damage to your toilet and surrounding flooring and furniture. In order to avoid clogs, you should practice proper flushing techniques. You should only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. Refrain from flushing large amounts of toilet paper down your toilet and teach young children not to flush any objects besides toilet paper.

Have a stubborn clog you just can’t seem to shake? Hydro jetting services are an affordable, easy way to clear your drains!

Toilet Installation Services

The best way to make sure your toilet functions properly is to have it installed by a professional! Proper installation will ensure proper functioning and maximum efficiency of your toilet for years to come. Don’t risk having your toilet installed by someone who is inexperienced, it can lead to clogs or worse - water damage. When we install your toilet, we make sure we measure and size your toilet and install a toilet that is best suited to your needs and wants.

We are not satisfied until you are, which is why Kernersville, NC residents call The Plumbing & Air Service Co. when they want professional and reliable toilet clog repair. Call us today at (336) 996-7444 for 5 star service you’ll absolutely love!