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Removing Tough Drain Clogs in Guilford & Forsyth Counties

No matter how careful you try to be as you wash your face or clean your dishes, it is inevitable that bits of debris and inorganic materials, from tangled hair to pieces of leftover food and grease, will get washed down your drains. In fact, you would be surprised to discover just how much non-biodegradable waste gets dumped into drains on a daily basis, from sanitary products to children’s toys. 

With all this additional matter being pushed into your drains, it is no wonder that they may become clogged from time to time. It is important to schedule regular drain cleaning services with The Plumbing & Air Service Co. to prevent the devastating consequences of backed-up and leaky pipes.

To avoid a slow-running drain, contact us now at (336) 502-8540 for quick and effective drain cleaning services.

How to Tell When You Have a Drain Clog on Your Hands

It can be difficult sometimes to tell whether your drain is just acting up a bit, or if there is a serious issue down below, deep within your plumbing system. Without years of technical training, you may not be able to instantly tell what exactly is going wrong. However, it is still possible to tell whether you may potentially have a clog situation going on in your drains, so long as you are alert to some of the common signs.

Some of the typical indicators that your drains may have become clogged include:

  • You have noticed that the bathtubs, sinks, and toilets in your home or property take a really long time to empty 
  • An occasional gush of water will back up into your tub or sink 
  • The toilet has difficulty flushing correctly
  • Dirty liquid or rust-colored water is returning up your drain
  • The toilet tank takes a long time to fill or never fills completely
  • You can hear bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from the drain even after you have stopped running the water
  • There is a bad smell of rotting food or waste rising up from the drain

Why You Should Schedule Drain Cleaning Immediately

There are many consequences that come from waiting to have your drains thoroughly cleaned out. A clog provides the perfect environment for bacteria to breed, contaminating your water, which is often forced to flow back up the pipes. This is very unhealthy for anyone who should accidentally consume the water, from your family members to your colleagues. 

Moreover, clogged drains inevitably lead to structural damage in your pipes, either in the form of leaks or even larger holes. The smallest hairline crack can result in a lot of water waste, while a burst pipe can lead to even more devastation to your valuables and property’s infrastructure. Either way, your wallet will feel much lighter after having to restore all the damage caused by a drain that was not cleaned in time. Save yourself the agony of these situations with our dedicated drain cleaning services in Greensboro.

Call us today at (336) 502-8540 or contact us online so our experienced technicians at The Plumbing & Air Service Co. can provide you with the relief of clean drains.

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