Greensboro's Hydrojetting Specialists

Get professional solutions to stubborn clogged drains with expert hydrojetting services from The Plumbing & Air Service Co. Our team is waiting to help scrape your pipes clean, just call (336) 884-7056.

Get rid of drain clogs with our expert hydrojetting services

Do you have a recurring drain clog which can’t be eliminated by using plungers or plumber’s snakes? Then professional hydrojetting may be the service for you! Our team of technicians is trained to use special hoses which spray water at 4,000 psi into your pipes, scraping away years of grime and buildup in a single visit.

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How Does Hydrojetting Work?

Hydrojetting is a safe, professional way to clean your piping system. Our specialists use hoses with special 360-degree nozzles which spray high-pressure water into your pipes, making sure that the entirety of the pipe is cleaned.

This service doesn’t use harsh chemicals, which can damage your pipes, leave unpleasant smells, and can be harmful to the environment. Instead, water provides a clean, green solution for many of our customers who experience issues such as recurring drain problems, or who need expert service for their heavily-used pipes and sewer system.

We Can Schedule Preventative Cleanings

Many commercial buildings, restaurants, and apartment complexes benefit from pre-scheduled hydrojetting service to keep their pipes clean and prevent buildup from heavy use. Because of the frequency with which their piping system is used, clogs and issues can appear much more quickly than traditional residential households. This makes preventative hydrojetting service an important step in keeping issues such as leaks and burst pipes at bay.

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More Reasons to Call

  • Quality guaranteed every time: We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because we want our customers to know that quality and experience are a priority.
  • Honest pricing you can count on: Our technicians will never start working without presenting you with an up-front quote that won’t change.
  • We’re easy to recognize: We understand that letting a stranger into your home can cause anxiety, which is why our specialists all wear company-issued uniforms and arrive in company vehicles, so you know who we are.
  • We’re always here to help: You can feel confident that no matter what time of day or night you call, a plumbing expert from The Plumbing & Air Service Co. will be available to help you.
  • We’re well-trained and prepared: Our team is up to speed on the latest tools and techniques in their industry because we believe that being prepared helps us assist you better.
  • We respect your home: Our technicians treat our customers’ homes as if they were their own, and take care to be clean and respectful of your property.

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