Find Hidden Water Leaks With Professional Detection From Your Greensboro Plumbers

Do you suspect that you have a water leak? Then call (336) 884-7056 and get professional water leak detection services from the experts at The Plumbing & Air Service Co.

If you suspect a leak, be sure to use our expert water leak detection services

Speedy leak detection and repair can go a long way towards avoiding larger and more costly plumbing emergencies such as burst pipes, so if you’ve noticed a leak in the plumbing system of your home or business in Greensboro, NC give the experts at The Plumbing & Air Service Co. a call today for service and solutions.

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What Causes Water Leaks?

The easiest way to figure out what caused your leaky pipe problem is to call for an inspection from a qualified plumbing technician, but here are some common culprits:

  • Clogged toilets and drains. Many people don’t pay attention to what they flush or wash away down their drains, which can lead to blockages inside your pipes and result in leaks and burst pipes.
  • Old, worn-out pipes. As your pipes age, they may begin to deteriorate or wear down, causing areas to become compromised and prone to issues.
  • Tree roots. As tree roots expand outward in their search for water they may discover your pipes and either wrap around them to the point where the pipe becomes crushed, or they may work their way into your pipe, causing clogs.

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Want to Work Together? Here’s Why You Should:

  • We service the whole Triad area: Whether you have a slab leak in High Point or a burst pipe in Thomasville, we’re here to help.
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  • No answering machines: We make sure that a qualified, pleasant customer service representative is always here to take your calls.
  • Enjoy family values: As a family-owned company we pride ourselves on only offering solutions that we would be confident to offer our loved ones and friends.
  • We’re always available to help: Are you experiencing a plumbing emergency? Then call and get immediate service and solutions from The Plumbing & Air Service Co.
  • We’re easy to spot from afar: Never worry about who is at your door when you call us because we’re easy to identify thanks to our company uniforms and vehicles.

Enjoy peace of mind when you choose our services for reliable water leak detection and repair services in Greensboro, NC and call (336) 884-7056 today.