How long does a bathroom repipe take?

Bathroom repipes are among the most difficult jobs a plumber will ever come across. Bathroom repiping involves removing all of the existing pipes in a bathroom and replacing them with newer, more efficient, or stronger hardware. Repipes are considered a "last resort" measure by many plumbers and are typically only done when they are the cheapest alternative to fixing the existing pipe work.

Most repipes are done when existing plumbing work fails. Many pipes installed 40-50 years ago were made out of copper, and due to deterioration and constant water-flow, many of these pipes are now failing because of rust.

Another possible cause is that the original fittings were not properly installed. If not enough pipe sealant is applied or the pipe fittings are not fully tightened, the integrity of the pipes may be compromised and leaks can occur.

Time Frame
Depending on whether a homeowner has easy access to existing plumbing work through an exposed basement or similar portion of their home can greatly affect how long a repiping job will take. Typically, if the existing plumbing work is behind drywall or tile, it takes about a week to finish the job once the work has started. If the homeowner has already removed the drywall or the tile in the way of the pipes, the job could take as little as a few hours.

Most new construction homes have easy access to plumbing fixtures between wall studs and behind drywall. Before building codes, many builders designed homes with little thought of how difficult replacing the plumbing would be. The time it takes to complete jobs on older homes is dependent on a lot more factors than jobs in newer buildings.

Building Codes
As mentioned earlier, many cities and counties have strict building codes that must be followed when major plumbing work is done within a home. Building codes inspectors may be required to inspect a job if the city's plumbing is affected by the repiping of the home.

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