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If you have been experiencing recurring issues with leaks, burst pipes, or if you think your old pipes may be compromising the quality of your water supply, give The Plumbing & Air Service Co. a call for dependable plumbing services. We offer speedy repiping and whole-house repiping services to help provide our customers with peace of mind, so contact us today to upgrade your plumbing system.

Why Choose Us for Repiping Services?

  • Your Local Experts: As a locally-owned business, The Plumbing & Air Service Co. can focus on customer experience, rather than pleasing an out-of-town boss and head office.
  • We’re Easily Recognizable: Never answer the door to a stranger when you work with us because every technician arrives in a uniform and company vehicle.
  • Let’s “Go Green” Together: Our team is happy to help you install and maintain a variety of energy efficient, eco-friendly products.
  • We’re Always Available When You Call: Expect to speak to a qualified customer service representative whenever you call, day or night.
  • Family-Owned Business With Family Values: As a family-run company we understand the value of exceptional service and focusing on customer experience and gaining referrals.
  • We’ll Be There in an Emergency: Depend on us to solve your plumbing emergency no matter what time you call.

To request an inspection of your water lines and a quote for whole-house repiping, call (336) 502-8540 now.

Signs of Aging Water Lines to Watch Out For

Water lines, like many parts of your home, have a finite lifespan. While they can last for decades with proper care, eventually they'll show signs of wear and tear. Here are some key indicators that your water lines might be getting old and require attention:

  • Reduced Water Pressure: This is a common symptom of aging pipes. Minerals and sediment buildup can restrict water flow, leading to weak pressure at faucets and showerheads.
  • Discolored Water: Rusty or brown water flowing from your taps could signify rust accumulating inside aging iron or steel pipes. In some cases, green-tinted water might indicate copper pipe corrosion.
  • Frequent Leaks: Springs leaks, pinhole leaks, or bursts are more likely to occur in older, weakened pipes. Keep an eye for damp spots around your foundation or inside cabinets where pipes run.
  • Visible Pipe Deterioration: Exposed sections of your water lines might show signs of rust, pitting, or flaking, especially with older galvanized steel pipes.
  • Water Stains on Walls or Ceilings: Unexplained water stains can indicate hidden leaks behind walls or under floors, potentially caused by aging or damaged water lines.
  • Fluctuating Water Temperature: If your hot water temperature seems inconsistent, it could be due to issues with the insulation or a problem within the aging pipes themselves.
  • Rising Water Bills: Leaks or inefficiencies caused by aging pipes can lead to increased water usage reflected in your bills.

It's important to note that these signs can also be caused by other plumbing issues. However, if you experience several of these indicators, it's wise to consult The Plumbing & Air Service Co. for a professional assessment. Our team can diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action, whether it's repairs, maintenance, or a complete water line replacement.

Home Repipe FAQ

How can I tell if my home needs to be repiped?

Like any area of your home, eventually, the pipes that make up your piping system will begin to wear out and show signs of wear and tear. These can manifest in the form of leaks, burst pipes, or corrosion which can affect the safety and quality of your water.

The easiest way to know if you need repair services, or if you would be better off investing in repiping an area of your home or business in Winston-Salem is to take a look at this list of signs:

  • A noticeable change in water pressure
  • Your water is an unusual color
  • The water has an unpleasant or unusual taste or smell
  • Your water bills have been going up

If you notice that there is an issue with your water supply or water pressure, give us a call for quick solutions that you can count on.

What type of pipe should I have installed in my home?

The best pipe material for your home's water line depends on several factors:

  • Durability: Copper pipes are strongest and most durable, but also most expensive. PEX and CPVC are good options offering a balance of affordability and lifespan.
  • Corrosion Resistance: All three options (copper, PEX, and CPVC) are corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for potable water lines.
  • Ease of Installation: PEX is the easiest for DIY due to its flexibility and push-fit connections. Copper requires soldering skills and CPVC uses solvent cement.
  • Building Codes: Some areas may have restrictions on CPVC use.

Consulting a licensed plumber at The Plumbing & Air Service Co. for a specific recommendation is always best.

How long do repiping services take?

The amount of time repiping services take can vary depending on several factors, but generally falls within a range of 1 day to 3 days. Here's a breakdown of what influences the timeframe:

  • Size of your home: Repiping a larger house naturally takes longer than a smaller one due to the increased amount of piping involved.
  • Complexity of the plumbing system: Homes with complex layouts or multiple stories may require additional time for planning and navigating the existing plumbing network.
  • Accessibility of pipes: Easier access to pipes through crawl spaces or basements speeds up the process compared to situations requiring extensive wall or floor opening.
  • Chosen repiping method: Traditional methods involving soldering copper pipes might take longer than using faster techniques like PEX piping with push-fit connections.

For an accurate estimate on the timeframe for your specific situation, it's recommended to schedule a consultation with The Plumbing & Air Service Co.. One of our qualified repiping experts can assess your home's layout, plumbing system, and your chosen materials to provide a more precise timeline.

For speedy and high-quality plumbing repiping and whole-house repiping in Winston-Salem, call (336) 502-8540 and get solutions you can count on.

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