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Have you recently lost the ability to supply cool air to the rooms in your North Carolina business or home? Rooms that have become too hot and stuffy can make people cranky and feel uncomfortable, and lead to decreases in productivity due to discomfort.

When your AC system stops working, give the experts at The Plumbing & Air Service Co. a call for efficient AC repair, tune up, and maintenance services to get back to being comfortable. We provide dedicated AC repair throughout Winston-Salem and beyond to give you a true peace of mind.

Is your AC unit giving you trouble? Call The Plumbing & Air Service Co. at (336) 502-8540 for low-cost, high-quality Winston-Salem AC repair and tune-up services that you can count on.

Signs Your AC Need Repairing

The easiest way to avoid large-scale repairs is to keep an eye on your unit and to be vigilant about calling for service whenever you notice that something seems off. Paying attention to the warning signals that your air conditioner is in trouble not only gives you peace of mind but can also help you save long-term, since you can forestall expensive, full replacements by arranging for rapid, minor repairs. 

Some issues that indicate that your AC unit may need repairs are:

  • Loud and strange noises, such as groans, clanking, hissing, and grinding
  • Leaking water or Freon from the base of your air conditioner
  • Poor air quality indoors, causing respiratory issues and congestion 
  • Problematic temperature control across different rooms
  • Your unit suddenly turns on and off at random
  • Your energy bill has recently started to go up, seemingly for no reason
  • You have spotted visible signs of mold or mildew along the vents

Air Conditioner is Making Strange Noises

It's easy to take your air conditioner for granted until it starts making strange noises. A hissing noise, for example, could be a sign that your unit is low on refrigerant. Alternatively, if you hear a banging noise, it could indicate that something is blocking the flow of air within the unit.

In either case, it's crucial to have a professional inspect your air conditioner as soon as possible. Ignoring these noises could lead to more serious problems - and a bigger repair bill. So, if your air conditioner is making strange noises, don't wait to call a technician. The sooner you address the problem, the better. We're always here to help. Give us a call today to schedule a service appointment.

Water is Leaking from the A/C Unit

If you notice water leaking from your A/C unit, it's vital to act right away. Water leakage can cause significant damage to your unit and your home. Additionally, water leakage can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can be harmful to your health.

There are a few potential causes of water leakage from your A/C unit. One, the unit is not draining. This could be due to a clog in the drain line or a problem with the unit's drainage pan. Next, the unit may not be sealed properly. This can happen if the gaskets and seals around the unit are worn out or damaged. Finally, the AC unit may be oversized for your home. If this is the case, the AC unit will not be able to dissipate heat properly, and it may begin to leak water.

How Scheduling Regular Maintenance Can Save You from Emergency Repairs

There are times when your air conditioner suddenly breaks down, without any sign that it was on the brink of expiration. When this occurs, we can provide rapid, emergency care so your family is not suffering in the sweltering heat of a North Carolina summer. 

Usually, however, there are methods of keeping your air conditioner from experiencing this trouble in the first place, primarily through dedicated maintenance. When you schedule regular tune-ups and cleaning from our skilled Winston-Salem air conditioning repair professionals, you can forestall the usual wear-and-tear that occurs to your hardworking air conditioner. 

Our detailed programs for maintenance will allow us to carefully examine all the parts of your air conditioner, from your compressor to expansion valve to condenser coils, making sure they stay in perfect condition.

Rapid Care That You Can Count On

If you are suspicious that your air conditioner is not working as optimally as it usually does, then pick up the phone and call for service from the cooling experts at The Plumbing & Air Service Co., your go-to Winston-Salem AC repair professionals since 1997. Our reliable experts will handle all your air conditioning repairs and maintenance with our hassle-free support!

Depend on quality service and workmanship for trustworthy Winston-Salem AC repair and maintenance checkups when you call (336) 502-8540 or contact us online today.


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