Sump Pump 101

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is simply a mechanical pump that is used to move water from one area to another. However, a sump pump is used in much more technical situations. Sump pumps can be used in emergency to prevent flooding in areas in which water is collecting. This is especially true when the water situation cannot rectified by other means.

Additionally, they are used in outdoor landscape ponds that feature water features, but in emergencies, the sump pump system can be critical in solving water issues when utilized by reputable plumbing companies. Water is the most damaging substance that a home or establishment will ever encounter. The sump pump can save the home or business owner thousands in these types of cases.

What are the benefits of a sump pump?

Sump pumps are instrumental in ridding spaces of unwanted water and moisture. This is especially true for basements in areas that are below the water table and other issues that impair their ability to repel water. Other methods of solving water issue that are commonly utilized by comprehensive plumbing companies are French drains and water tile systems, as well as coating foundations with impermeable membranes. These are effective techniques, however, sometimes those solutions cannot be applied to certain places.

When this is the case, a sump pump combined with some type of below gradient collection system is an effective means of keeping these places free of the damaging water collection. In addition, the sump pump system may be used in conjunction with other techniques to achieve the most effective strategy.

Why do you need a sump pump in your home?

If a home has water table issues that are indicative of the area, a system featuring a sump pump can allow them to use spaces in their homes that were once unusable. In addition, sump pump systems can rid homes of the type of moisture that promotes mold growth. Mold growth is only possible when moisture levels are not kept in check. Mold that is allowed to proliferate can cause a home to be uninhabitable within days.

With the tremendous damage that mold and many other water issues can cause, it is imperative that home and business owners cultivate a relationship with reputable comprehensive plumbing company. These companies will know best when to implement systems that feature implements like sump pumps.

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