How to Extend the Life of Your Plumbing System

Plumbing is often a task that homeowners avoid or ignore until something happens and it cannot be ignored anymore. However, once a problem surfaces the solution can be quite costly.

To avoid these cost solutions ad help extend the life of your plumbing system a homeowner can be proactive and take some preventative measures. Below this article will outline what preventative care is recommended to homeowners to extend the life of their plumbing system as well as some key tips on what to do if an issue does arise.


A homeowner should do self-Inspections one time per month or more. It is key that they understand what to look for and know when action needs to be taken.

All sink faucets and surrounding pipes should be checked for leaking. The functionality of the garbage disposal should be checked and also checked for clogs. Water pressure should be checked to ensure that it is consistent to previous months.

Check toilet tanks and all surrounding pipes for leaks. Make sure that the toilet isn’t making sounds that seem off, especially a running water sound. Flush your toilet a few times and check that the flushing is consistent and draining properly.

Showers should be checked for clogged drains. Fill the bathtub up with water and allow the water to drain out. The timing of the draining should be consistent with past months. If the timing appears to be slower there may be a clog that needs to be cleared. Check the pressure of the water for both the shower head and the bathtub faucet. The water flow should have the same pressure as past months. There should also not be any corrosion on the faucet or shower head.

Water heaters temperatures and pressure need to be inspected. Check your water heater as well as any outdoor units, such as sprinklers, for any leaks.

Don’t Ignore Problems

If you notice a problem, no matter how small, you should take immediate action. Ignoring a problem can cause the problem to just grow and eventually become an expensive emergency or cause irreversible damage to the entire plumbing system.

Fancy Isn’t Always Better

Clogs can be cleared naturally. Avoid using the fancy chemicals that you see advertised. These can actually do more damage than good causing your pipes to corrode. Smaller clogs can be resolved by simply running hot water with some added baking soda through the system. If the clog is extreme, purchase a snake or auger and fix the clog.

Call The Professionals

If a problem ever seems severe, or simply out of your comfort zone for fixing, contact a professional plumber immediately. It is better to handle situations as they arise instead of damaging your whole plumbing system.

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