3 Potential Causes of a Slow-Flushing Toilet

The toilet is one of those things many people don't think about until it's not working right. Then they think about it a lot. There's a lot more to your toilet than what is in the tank. There's a whole system of venting, water pressure, and drainage affecting toilets.

Is There Power in The Tank?

The flushing power of a toilet comes from the water released from the tank into the bowl. There are several things that can block or impede the flow of the water.

  • Valves inside the tank may not be functioning properly
  • Inlet valves to the bowl can become plugged
  • The tank may not have enough water because of improper filling or supply from the tank to bowl is obstructed.

It has to go somewhere!

Slow flushing is also an indicator of plugged drains. There are two drains involved, the drain from the toilet to the main drain and the main drain itself. If the toilet not only flushes slow but immediately backs up then the toilet drain might have a partial blockage. That could slow the flush and potentially flood the bathroom. If you notice other drains are backing up or all the toilets in your home are slow to flush then the problem could be the main drain.

Venting your troubles

There are vents throughout most homes that allow drain pipes to be open so water can flow through them. If one of those vents plug up then the water is slower to move and this may slow a toilet flush. Just like pipes can get plugged by waste matter vents can get plugged by debris falling into them, something falling on top, or having a friendly bird decide to build his nest inside or on top of one. Clearing vents may require climbing onto the roof and it can get messy.

Slow flushing toilets can be a simple problem or an indication of larger problems. Anytime something goes wrong think about what else it could be indicating is wrong. The important thing is not to ignore it.

Your Greensboro toilet issues can be a nuisance. Call The Plumbing Service Company at (336) 502-8540 today, and get your toilet working!