New Toilet Design And Technology

Talking about toilets is not something many Greensboro people consider part of polite conversation. It is still something individuals encounter every day of their lives. The basic purpose of a toilet has not changed, but there are new technologies and designs that improve the use of it.

Basic sanitation is an essential aspect of life in every country. People need to start spending more time talking about the latest toilet innovations.

Seat Warmer

This is something very popular with people living in a Greensboro home where the cold winter weather is freezing the outside. It's not uncommon for the temperature in a bathroom to drop when outside temperatures plummet.

The idea of using the bathroom in this situation can cause some stress. The Japanese have now provided the world with a toilet seat that can always be warm. It doesn't matter what the temperature is in the bathroom or outside. The most current models even have energy-saving features.

Balanced Flushing

A balanced toilet flushing system is an effective way to clean the rim of a toilet bowl. With traditional toilets, the flushing utilizes rim holes to clean the bowl. This makes it possible for spots to be missed.

Balanced flushing is accomplished with the use of one or more water jets strategically placed inside of the toilet bowl. This provides a power swirl of the water which creates a centrifugal effect. This enhanced turning action that is much more effective when it comes to cleaning the toilet bowl rim.

Automatic Lid

This is an innovation people have desired for a long time. These lids can come with intelligent sensors. These items make it possible to determine which gender wants to use the toilet based on the direction a person approaches the toilet.

If a person walks up to the toilet facing it, both the lid and the seat will be raised. The toilet lid and seat can be raised and then lower back into its original position when a person leaves.

Medical Monitoring

A company in Japan now provides a toilet that comes integrated with a system of health sensors inside the bathroom floor. These toilets can come with a blood-pressure cuff, body fat meter, weight measure as well as conduct a urine analysis and more. The results of these tests can then be automatically sent to a person's physician.

Automatic Deodorizer

There are now toilets that will deodorize the air after someone is done using it. This is a popular feature for bathrooms in office buildings, public buildings as well as in many homes.

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