Make Sure Your Outdoor Plumbing is in Tip Top Shape This Summer

Summertime should be a time of fun for families. But for a lot of people, it means that they have to deal with problems like storms, droughts, heavy rains, and even bugs!

Plus, not only that but while you’re worried about your outdoor plumbing, you still need to make sure your indoor plumbing is running with no issues too. It can be a lot to handle, but it’s also why we’re here to help.

If you’re unsure what you need to look for when it comes to your outdoor plumbing system, below are three different types of problems that you can run into when the summer comes, and what you should be looking for to detect them.

You Need Fixture Repair When Outdoor Faucets are Leaking

While you can notice a leak in your indoor fixtures relatively quickly, outdoor ones might be harder to detect. In many cases, they’re caused by issues like deterioration, since they’re in contact with outdoor elements, or wear and tear stemming from things like tree roots. Generally, look for signs like:

  • Puddles of water under faucets or hose bibs
  • Rust buildup
  • Mold growth
  • Overly green grass
  • Low water pressure

Another good place to start looking for issues is on your water bill. If you’re noticing spikes in consumption without any changes in your daily routine, your outdoor fixtures may be to blame.

Check Your Faucets When Checking Your Outdoor Plumbing

When the weather turns warm, one of the things that you’ll be doing is spending plenty of time outdoors - and with that extra time in your yard, chances are you’ll be using your outdoor faucets too.

So you want to make sure that you’re taking care of the faucets when the weather’s nice. Always do a routine check of all your fixtures. The hose bibs and faucets should let water flow freely and steadily.

If one of your faucets is barely dripping or leaking once you turn it on, it could mean you have a cracked pipe which needs fixing. If you’re noticing problems with your faucets, you want to call a plumber immediately.

Do You Need A Plumber for Outdoor Installations?

If you have a pool, you might have an outdoor shower that people can use to clean themselves off before and after they get into the pool.

If you want to create an enjoyable experience for people who are using your outdoor shower, one thing you want to do is make sure that you have a nice shower head. Below are four signs that it’s time to replace your outdoor shower head on your outdoor shower.

  • Constantly dripping
  • Black mold
  • Buildup of sediment
  • Water pressure has changed

If you are noticing any of these signs above, you might want to get a new showerhead for your outdoor shower.

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