Learn How Water Heater Maintenance Can Help You Save Money

With the high cost of energy today, consumers are constantly struggling to pay energy bills while looking for ways to save on energy costs. A major contributor to a consumer’s energy bill is the hot water heater. Although we can’t do without hot water, here are five ways you can reduce your water heater’s energy consumption.

1. Lower the temperature on your hot water heater. Hot water heaters come equipped with settings from cool right up to very hot. Lowering it just a couple degrees won’t be enough for you or your family to notice the difference but can make a difference on your annual energy usage. The lower temperature won’t make a difference in the shower, laundry or dish washer. If you’re unfamiliar with or uncomfortable doing this, a plumber will be happy to assist you. A lower temperature can also prevent accidental burns in the home.

2. Consider a tankless water heater. Unlike conventional water heaters that store hot water whether it’s needed or not, tankless water heaters heat up the water on demand, or when it’s needed, thus saving energy. Although they may cost more initially, they save in the long run. There’s no better time than the present to invest in a tankless water heater and start saving energy.

3. Make sure the hot water heater is properly insulated. Each hot water heater is different and will require different type of insulation. A plumber can advise you on what your heater needs and provide the service to you, although it’s usually done at the initial purchase. Insulation will also prevent harmful carbon dioxide for escaping into the home.

4. Have an energy-efficient hot water heater installed. Many consumers continue to use their hot water heaters until they're no longer serviceable not realizing how much they're costing them in energy. Purchasing an energy-efficient hot water heater will not only provide you with hot water quicker but at a much lower cost.

5. Have a plumber do an annual service check. A qualified plumber can inspect the water heater and determine if it’s operating as efficiently as it should be or can make recommendations on how to improve its efficiency. In addition, there may be little problems with the heater that you can’t notice but the plumber will notice during the inspection. Correcting these little problems will not only prevent them from turning into large costly problems but can save your energy consumption.

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