Dealing With Frozen Pipes

When the temperature levels drop outside, there is an increased risk for indoor water pipes to freeze or burst. When the temperature lowers, the water expands, causing the pressure inside of pipes to increase. This can eventually lead to a pipe that bursts. A homeowner can lose thousands of dollars due to plumbing costs associated with frozen pipes. Here are common methods used to prevent a frozen plumbing system:

Insulate Pipes

Insulated pipes can decrease the chances of developing cracks or leaks. Use electrical insulation tape to wrap around the pipes outside of the home to prevent freezing. Before applying insulation tape, make sure to check pipes for bubbles, crack or any leaks. If the pipes have burst, a professional may need to be called to evaluate the problem.

Seal Air Leak Around Pipes

Sealing air leaks around the pipes will stop cold temperatures from reaching them. If water is leaking from the pipe, cold air from the outside can get to the water and cause freezing. This will mostly cause a frozen plumbing system.

Open Doors To Room To Improve Insulation

A well-insulated home is the best prevention against freezing pipes. Make sure to open all of the doors in the home to allow heat to circulate freely. A warm house without any cold spots will decrease the chances of a pipe bursting or developing cracks.

Turn Up Heat Inside of the Home

Some professionals advise to keep the temperature inside the home to at least 55 degrees when it is freezing outside. Homeowners should check to see if their pipes are frozen by turning on the faucet. If little to no water leaves the faucet, the pipes may be frozen. In this case, it may help to turn up adjust the thermostat to 55 degrees after shutting off the water supply.

Keep Garage Doors Closed

Most garages are poorly insulated, however, they can act as a barrier between the home and harsh temperatures. Make sure to keep garage doors closed in order to stop cold air from entering the home.

Using preventative maintenance measures for freezing pipes is essential to save on plumbing costs. Frozen pipes can lead to everything from a water leak to floods. These damages can cost thousands of dollars to repair and can become a huge inconvenience for the homeowner. Make sure to use preventative measures and to stay informed of future weather changes to prepare for freezing temperatures.

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