Drain Cleaning: Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

You have probably heard horror stories of how people have mixed together household cleaners only to inadvertently create a chemical compound that got into their lungs and killed them. While this may sound like something that would never happen to you, it is something that could happen when trying to clean your drain yourself.

Instead of taking a risk with highly dangerous chemicals you should let the professionals do what they are trained for: clean your drain in a safe and efficient manner. Botching a drain cleaning job yourself can put both you and your family at risk.

Deadly Fumes and Gases

When you attempt to clean your drain you typically take cleaners and pour it down the drain. If there is a clog the chemicals can get stuck. Then when you go to pour in a different type of chemical you're creating an unknown chemical reaction that could produce fumes and gases that are toxic and potentially lethal.

In some cases you may not even know there is a problem until you notice your lungs burning and the damage has already been done. Don't take that chance, do the smart thing and call the plumber if you need your drain cleaned or unclogged.

Chemical Burns

Some chemicals, such as bleach, does very bad things to human flesh when it comes into contact with it. In some cases people try and clean their drain by putting pure bleach down into it. This is a recipe for disaster because if there is a clog the bleach can become backed up and eventually spew back out. If this gets in your eyes it can leave you blinded and your face scared up. Even if it just gets on your hands you can be scarred for the rest of your life.

Stay Safe: Call a Plumber

There is no sense if trying to do a job you have not been trained to do. The best course of action in these situations is to call a plumber who has the professional experience and expertise to clean your drains or unclog them without the risk of chemical burns or releasing dangerous fumes into your home.

When it comes to the safety of your family it is always worth the price to call the pros to come in and get the job done. If you need a plumber to come clean your drains, don't hesitate to call one ASAP.

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