10 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer

One of the best ways to extend the life of your cooling system and lessen your utility bills this summer is preparing in advance for the hot summer season. These 10 simple ways to prepare your home for the summer heat will protect your cooling system, keep the home cooler, and save you money through the season.

1. Installing Attic Fan

The temperature in the attic can exceed 100 degrees, making it difficult for the house to cool. The attic fan will reduce the inside temperature and take some of the pressure off the cooling system.

2. Maintaining the HVAC Unit

Now is the time to call your local heating and cooling repair company so they can perform inspection and maintenance on the cooling system. This will extend the life of the system and help save you money in high utility costs.

3. More Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an inexpensive way to circulate cool air in the home and reduce the wear on your HVAC system all summer.

4. Repair Window Screens

At night when the temperatures drop, opening the window can take some of the pressure off the cooling system. Be sure to repair any screen damage to keep out unwanted pests from the house.

5. Cleaning Air Ducts

Having the entire air duct system in the house cleaned will eliminate dust, allergens, and dirt particles from being circulated into the home throughout the summer.

6. Fixing Leaks Inside the Home

Caulk any leaks that you find around windows and doors. Cool air escaping the home is money being thrown away, not to mention having your cooling system running harder and longer.

7. Install Dark Blinds

Purchase room darkening blinds to reduce the direct sunlight from entering rooms and keeping the air temperature lower.

8. Close the Curtains

Closing the curtains during the day will keep the sunlight out and allow the home to remain cooler longer.

9. Replace Air Filters

Today is the day to replace all the cooling system air filters. The HVAC will run more efficiently, less harder, and reduce your energy consumption.

10. Thermostat Maintenance

Now is the time that you should be checking your thermostat, before the heat of summer arrives. If the unit is giving you any trouble, purchase a new programmable unit to reduce energy usage.

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