Top 5 HVAC Brands to Step Up Your Cool Game this Summer

Feeling lost when it comes to choosing a reputable and efficient HVAC brand? With so many heating and cooling systems on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when installing a new unit. When it comes to quality, cost and efficiency, five brands stand out to us as the best in the industry:
1. Carrier

As the inventors of air conditioning in 1902, Carrier is a brand built on innovation and new ideas. With numerous options that are designed to fit your specific home needs, Carrier provides AC options that are intended to meet any budget. Their size and efficiency depend solely on the line you choose, however, offering such a wide variety means Carrier has something for you.

2. Trane

Trane is another large brand that caters to your specific needs and desires. As the makers of American Standard products, Trane is a trusted name in home cooling. With numerous options, Trane ACs can work with any budget you have to get the desired effect. Specializing in ductless mini-splits as well as traditional AC systems, Trane systems are all rated above and beyond government-mandated SEER ratings. They believe that “going green” and saving money should not be a complicated process.

3. Lennox

Providing both residential and commercial hardware, Lennox is the top choice for many people. Their entire line is considered high-efficiency with variations in size and pricing. With a full range of traditional AC systems and several mini split options, Lennox can check all the boxes, so to speak when looking to install a new AC unit.

4. Rheem

Rheem makes choosing an AC system easy. Simple options that range in price, size and efficiency mean it’s easy to pick the system that is right for you. Rheem’s primary goal is the home comfort. All units meet the minimum government SEER standards, while the most advanced systems go far above and beyond in efficiency.

5. Goodman

Every one of Goodman’s AC systems goes above and beyond the government SEER ratings. With several options for central air conditioning units, Goodman provides the perfect choice for your unique needs. Most of the central air systems are about the same general size however their power and efficiency goes up as the price rises. They have something for every budget. Goodman also offers ductless mini splits through one of their sister companies, Daikin.

Regardless of your specific cooling needs of a budget, there is an efficient AC out there for you that will meet all your needs, help keep you cool through the summer while also reducing your monthly energy bills. For more information on finding the perfect AC for you, call The Plumbing Service Co. in Greensboro, NC at (336) 502-8540 today.