Celebrating 4th of July with 5 Home Improvement Projects

Summer is once again in the air, and it's a time to step out and enjoy the fresh air. One of the things most people think of when they anticipate summer is the Fourth of July.

It's on this day when we celebrate the birth of our great nation. It's not complete without backyard barbecues and elaborate fireworks displays. While preparations typically consist of the purchase of enough food and entertainment for guests, all too many overlook home improvements around the house. There are five projects you should complete before the big day.

1. Clean the Deck

If you have a deck, this can be a perfect place for your guests and family to enjoy the fireworks display, and you'll likely sweep it well and straighten it up before anyone arrives. However, you can take it a step further and make sure it provides proper comfort for everyone involved. Just some of the additional steps you can consider taking include:

  • Purchase a deck cleaner or bleach and clean the entire area with a scrubber and warm water.
  • Rearrange the furniture to accommodate larger parties.
  • Inspect for damage and rot and make necessary repairs.
  • Apply a protective finish and transparent stains.
  • Remove old railing in sections and replace with a maintenance-free fence system.

2. Check Your Outside Faucets

The Fourth of July means your guests may want to use them to play outdoor water games or just get a quick drink out in the warm temperatures. There are some general things you should check to make sure yours can stand up to the test. Some of the aspects you should check before the holiday include:


Not only will these inspections ensure you are prepared for the Fourth of July, but they could save you money later on down the line.

4. New Windows

Energy efficient models can be installed quickly and easily. You'll likely be surprised at what a difference they make not only for the atmosphere of your home's interior but also for the aesthetic appeal from the outside. You can even consider having new frames installed to further the improvement to the appearance of your home.

4. Lawn Care Tips

Since the Fourth of July is largely an outdoor celebration, your lawn will be one of the features of the day. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to take some time to implement much-needed lawn care tips to make yours. These steps will also help you enjoy your yard during the summer season every time you step out the door. As you put on your gloves and prepare for this task, some of the things you can consider doing include:

Eliminating patches in the lawn by aerating compacted soil and spreading seed and topsoil.
Avoiding over-watering by installing a rain gauge to ensure your lawn doesn't receive more than one inch of water per week.

Weeding the yard and applying weed killers and other solutions in problem areas.

5. Privacy Fence

If you have neighbors nearby, you and your guests would likely appreciate an added level of privacy as you enjoy the Fourth of July festivities. While erecting an entire privacy fence can be both time consuming and costly, there is a quick fix that can get the job done. Consider a shutter privacy fence. If you play your cards right, you can even implement this tip without spending a dime. Here are the steps to follow:

Reach out to social media or other outlets to obtain discarded shutters.
After cleaning them up, nail them to four-by-fours cemented into the ground.
Paint the finished product to match the house or surrounding outdoor furniture and foliage.

Making the Most of the Day

As the Fourth of July once again quickly approaches, there's much to be done. These five home improvement projects can help you adequately prepare for the big day and provide both you and your guests with the best possible experience.

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