Water-Saving Summertime Tips For Homeowners

It’s always a welcomed time of the year when summer finally rolls into North Carolina. The weather is more pleasant, the days are longer, and we can spend more time with our family as the kids get out of school.

This is one of the reasons why summer is often regarded as the best season of the year. However, there are other changes that people need to keep in mind during this season that can affect your monthly bills.

With the plants in full bloom and rainfall less frequent, this can lead to an increase in water usage to keep your vegetation healthy. Here are some things you can do during this season that will help to minimize water waste will still having some fun.

Wash Your Car At A Professional Site

You’ll probably want to take some time during the summer to make sure your car is looking at its best, but this can use up a lot of water. Once you turn on that hose and start washing and rinsing your car, you’re watching your bill go up as that water runs down the driveway, onto the street, and into the sewer.

If you take your car to a professional facility, whether it’s automatic, or a manual site, you may pay some money for it, but you also save on water. Hoses are much more efficient with water, and use less of it, while the water that drains away is often collected and recycled for more efficiency and savings.

Time The Use Of Your Sprinklers

Plants are often the biggest culprit for water usage during the summer because the lack of rainfall means you need to make up the difference with your home’s water supply.

However, you can get more from your water with a simple exercise in timing. Watering plants in the middle of the day means much of the water is evaporated by the heat.

If you choose to water your plants in the morning, evening, or can schedule your sprinkler to do so for you, you are more water efficient. The cooler temperature means less water evaporates, meaning you can water your plants less frequently.

Create A Mud Pit & Car Wash

If you have kids that have toy cars or other vehicles, this is fun activity that uses water, but not a lot, and should be reserved for outside.

Take a large container, fill it with dirt or water, then soak it until it becomes mud. Bring your kids outside with their toys and let them have fun with their toys in the mud or water!

Once they’ve had their fill, you can break out the “car wash” and let them clean up their vehicles for another round of running through the dirt and mud.

This is much more water efficient than constantly running a hose, but make sure the play is confined to an area where you won’t mind a mess!