Useful Info about This Year’s Fall Checklist

Man holding clipboard with checklist in home

When summer’s heat becomes a memory, and you find yourself wearing more sweaters than shorts, it’s time to prepare well for winter. These tasks will make winter more pleasant, not to forget, prevent some surprises next spring.

If you’re wondering what to do during fall in Greensboro, NC here is some useful information about this year’s fall checklist.

Around Your Home

· Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams are caused by inadequate insulation and air leaks in your attic. If you experienced ice dams last year, you could take measures to prevent this from happening this year. Get in touch with a weatherization contractor to fix any leaks or add in more insulation.

· Inspect Your Roof

Watch out for loose, missing, or damaged shingles that may trickle during winter storms. You can get a roofing expert to repair some shingles. A roofer can help you inspect and fix breaks in the seals around the chimneys, stacks, and around vents. Get rid of fall leaves as they hold moisture which could leak into your house.

· Caulk Around the Doors and Windows

If you notice that the spaces between the window and siding are big, you’ll require some extra caulk. Go for silicone caulk as it’s resistant to external elements and it won’t shrink. If need be, add weather-stripping around the doors.

· Clear Out the Gutter

Gutters full of debris, leafs, and dirt encourage water backup besides the house. This could not only damage roofing, but it could also destroy the wood trim and siding.

Inside the House· Check the Dryer

In 2006-2010, The National Fire Prevention Association estimates that over 92% of house fires were caused by dryers.

Clearing out your ductwork and your lint trap will help you avoid becoming a statistic. If you can’t easily access the ductwork, hire an HVAC pro to look into it.

· Windows and Door Seals

Look at each window and door seal and check for air leaks and drafts. Leaky windows mean heat escaping and colder air coming in.

If your windows are beyond repair, have a pro replace them. Alternatively, you can caulk over the problematic areas using long fabric tubes with stationing and rice.

Professional Services

· Fireplace Inspection

Get a flashlight and look up inside the fireplace to ensure that your fireplace is safe. Check and see if the damper opens and closes properly.

A professional contractor can help you spot any missing or cracked bricks and motor. Moreover, he could clean any creosote buildup to ensure that your fireplace is functional during the cold season.

· Furnace Inspection

Every house needs a heating system tune-up in preparation for winter. A contractor helps to change the filters. This could reduce the frequent repairs and also promote energy efficiency.

· Safety Equipment

Hiring a professional plumbing expert ensures that all fire extinguishers, CO detectors, as well as smoke detectors are in good working condition. Have the batteries replaced at least twice each year.

· Gutter Cleaning

Sometimes getting on top of a ladder is not easy. If this is you, consider hiring a professional to install a gutter cover.

Fall maintenance may look like hard work, but performing these tasks will help keep your house in the best condition, not to mention save you extra costs in repairs and replacements.