How to Survive Your Next Home Remodel with Fresh Indoor Air Quality Tips

Stop dreading your next home renovation and the noise, mess, and interference with your daily life and take control of the situation by planning how you will deal with it. Be sure to define those areas of your home that will be under renovation while you live there and the time frames when contractors will be working in your home.

This allows you to plan sleeping, living and cooking arrangements as necessary and schedule events such as cooking, sleeping, and bathing around the work they are doing. Most importantly, it allows you to plan a way to maintain good air quality while you avoid inhaling the dust and toxic fumes that are produced during the demolition and reconstruction of your dwelling.

Create a Barrier Between Your Living Area and the Work Area

It is quite easy to create a barrier between the renovation area and where you are living by shutting doors and also hanging tarps and plastic.

Tarps should also be thrown over any paint cans, solvents, and varnishes that might be in use. This prevents dust and vapors from rising into the air and entering your abode.

It also helps to have a talk with workers to make sure that they are not invading your personal space and bringing dust and dirt with them through common areas.

Use Salt Lamps and Plants to Improve Your Air Quality

Salt lamps purify and oxygenate the air, making it easier for you to breathe during times when toxic emissions from varnishes, floor stripper sand carpet glue might be high. Filling your home with the plants can also help remove chemicals such as benzene, xylene, ammonia and formaldehyde from the air.

Finally, keep in mind that there really are some times during a renovation where it may be necessary for Greensboro, NC residents to leave or wear a face mask with a filter to protect your lungs from dangerous dust and fumes that could cause serious illness.

Arrange To Have Your HVAC Serviced

The best way to do this is to make sure that your home’s ventilation systems are in good working order and that you have plenty of replacement air filters on hand because this is going to be your main mechanism when it comes to purifying your air.

This is a way of practicing prevention so that your energy bills do not run too high thanks to having to run the HVAC all of the time after the workmen have left. It is also a good idea to keep many spare air filters on hand, as you may need to replace them more often than usual. It is especially important to replace them every couple of weeks, or even sooner if any kind of mold has been uncovered. This is because mold is toxic and can cause respiratory problems.