How a Superhero Plumber Can Neutralize the Threat of Unclean Water in Your Home

Unclean water has become a real threat to public health, which is why communities everywhere, including ones in Greensboro, NC have come to see their local plumbers as heroes that can save the day.

Tornados, hurricanes, and the collapse of city infrastructures have damaged many of the public systems that help keep us drinking clean water, so the onus is more on the owner to deploy solutions to help avoid the health issues that can arise due to unclean water.

Many of these issues are quite serious and can cause terrible illnesses and even death. For instance:

1. Microbes and protozoa in filthy water are slow killers, destroying your immune system, gut, and brain by invading the center of your cells.

2. Parasites such as blood flukes and guinea worms also find their way inside of humans through contact with dirty water.

3. All kinds of bacteria lurk in unclean water including typhoid fever, dysentery, botulism, and salmonella.

4. Viral infections such as polio, SARS, Legionnaires Disease, and polio are also transmitted through filthy sewage-ridden water.

5. Microbes in filthy water include powerful killers such as amoebiasis, giardiasis, and cyclosporiasis, which cause symptoms similar to having severe food poisoning.

How a Plumber Can Make Your Drinking Water Safe

The superhero plumber in your community has many different tricks up his sleeve when it comes to reinforcing your defenses against dirty water.

Plumbers neutralize waterborne illnesses by installing massive carbon filters on your pipes to help filter out sediment and debris and sterilizing the water with inserts that fit into your pipes to sanitize it completely and eliminate all pathogens.

They also use other types of filters to help eliminate water contamination including gravity filters, reverse osmosis filters and backflow valves that keep water from backing up in your pipes and mixing with sewage.

Installing several of these water purification solutions at once in your home will give you the best defense against the toxins, viruses, and bacteria that threaten our water quality on a daily basis.

How You Can Practice Water Conservation to Help Out Your Plumber

Practicing water conservation is a good idea because it takes pressure off of damaged or aging infrastructures to get water to you.

It also helps out your superhero plumber, because new modern fixtures and plumbing works come with faucets that make it easier for you to turn off the water at a moment’s notice.

This helps your plumber out because he is able to deal more with the source of what is causing your flood, rather than spend his time, which you also pay for, helping you mop up gallons of water.