Check Out this Guide for Everything You Need to Know About Getting Air Ducts Cleaned

When you are making your spring cleaning list this year, don’t forget to include some important maintenance to some of your home’s components. Before summer hits here in Greensboro, NC, get your air conditioner tuned up by a professional so that you can count on clean¬†air quality¬†when the real heat hits.

Another item that you should tend to this year is air duct cleaning. Have you ever had your air ducts cleaned? If so, what was the last time?

Duct cleaning is an important home maintenance task that is often overlooked. Here are just some of the benefits and a little guidance on how to get the job done right.

Why You Should get Professional Duct Cleaning

The benefits of professional air duct cleaning are many. For starters, you can expect the indoor air quality in your home to improve. Over time, dust, dirt, debris, hair, pet dander and other undesirable particles attach themselves to the sides of the ducts.

Do you really want your air floating through that all the time before you breathe it in? Getting the ducts completely cleaned out means that you can breathe clean, fresh air every time. Secondly, having clean ducts is energy efficient.

When you make energy efficient moves, you save money and help the environment at the same time. When ducts are dirty, the airway is constricted, which means that your furnace/AC needs to work overtime to push the air through. This wastes energy and money.

Open the pathway for the air to flow with a duct cleaning. The other notable benefit to a duct cleaning is that during the cleaning, you’ll have a set of professional eyes to inspect your ductwork for damage. Cracked ductwork isn’t efficient and should be tended to ASAP.

How Often do I Need to do This?

It is recommended that you do this every 3-5 years. However, if you have pets, or if someone in your family has respiratory issues, you’ll want to do it more often.

It also is a good idea to clean your ducts after any renovation or construction project, because of the extra dust.

Can I Clean Them Myself?

While you can’t do a full clean without training and equipment, you can maintain your ducts well on your own.

Vacuum them out often and clean vents with a damp rag.

Don’t delay. Make this the spring that you get your ducts cleaned.