5 Bad Plumbing Habits You Didn’t Know Were Bad

In life, there are many misconceptions and rumors that, over time, have come to be held as truth, even though there is absolutely no factual support that they are. In many cases, we can form bad habits based on these misconceptions, because we just don't know that they're wrong.

The same applies to misconceptions that form bad toilet habits. You may be doing damage to your toilet and plumbing system and not even knowing it! That’s why The Plumbing Service Company has put together some helpful toilet tips to help you throw off those bad habits and start fresh!

Toilet Piping & Other Disastrous Mistakes

Think about these five common mistakes most people make in terms of taking care of their toilets, and ask yourself which sound familiar:

  1. Using a liquid drain cleaner to unclog the toilet.
  2. Flushing all kinds of things down your toilet that might clog it.
  3. Cleaning your toilet with harsh, abrasive chemicals.
  4. Ignoring signs that your toilet needs repairs.
  5. Flushing large wads of toilet paper at once.

Any of these habits can affect your toilet's ability to function correctly. Changing these habits can be as simple as keeping a plunger handy in the event of a clog, keeping a trash bin next to your toilet to dispose of non-flushable things.

Believe it or not, buying milder cleaners that won't damage the glaze on your toilet, calling your plumber at the first sign of trouble, and even flushing multiple times (it's okay!).

These Habits Can Cause All Sorts of Toilet Damage

Failure to change any of these bad habits will lead to more and more trouble with your toilet.

If you find that your toilet is continuously clogged, for example, it may be because you are putting too much paper or other waste down the drain at once.

Bad toilet habits can even lead to damage such as severe clogs that won’t allow water to pass through the pipe, potentially causing sewage to back up into your toilet and onto your bathroom floor.

Another possible outcome for the situation is a burst pipe, caused by the pressure build up behind the blockage.

The Repair Costs Can Start to Add Up

If you have a significant problem with your toilet that requires professional repairs, you may call your local plumber to take care of it.

However, if you continue to misuse or not take proper care of your toilet once the plumber leaves, you can count on calling him back and paying for another repair in the near future.

Most toilet repairs consist only of removing a stubborn clog, which can cost as little as $80-85, but some more substantial problems require heftier repairs that can cost as much as $500-$600.

If you’re guilty of any of these bad plumbing habits, give The Plumbing Service Company a call today for any serious plumbing issues you encounter.

Our expert plumbing technicians are standing by at (336) 502-8540 to provide all kinds of services across Greensboro. If you’re still not sure how to take the best possible care of your toilet plumbing, research good toilet maintenance tips too!