Why Spring Can Lead to Plumbing Services

Common Plumbing Services Needed During Spring

As homeowners “Spring” into the new season, they may be faced with seasonal issues that will cause them to seek out plumbing services. Awareness of the common Spring plumbing issues and their causes can help homeowners to quickly identify them, and to call for plumbing services before they are allowed to spiral out of control.

More often than not, these plumbing issues can be solved quickly before they become emergencies. As a general rule, you should always avoid DIY plumbing projects and leave the fixes to the pros!

What Causes Leaky Plumbing?

One of the most common reasons homeowners seek out plumbing services in the springtime is leaking pipes. They can leak for a variety of reasons, most of them a result of the increase in rain and groundwater.

  • Shifts in the Foundation - As the soil gets wet, it can shift and sink. When it does, the foundation can also settle and shift, moving pipes with it. Small movements can create pipe leaks, which will eventually burst if left long enough.
  • Tree Root Infiltration - Spring is a time of growth for trees and plants in the yard. To grow, they seek out sources of water to nourish them. Unfortunately, they can find that water on the inside of the pipes. As they get stronger, the roots can penetrate through the walls of the pipes and cause leaks and clogs.
  • Temperature Changes - The temperature outside can also affect the pipes, as they contract when it is cold and expand when it is warmer. This movement can create weak spots, which are more at risk of cracking and leaking.

Routine plumbing services and inspections can catch these issues when they are smaller, and when you fix leaking pipes early on, then you are getting a long-lasting fix before the pipes burst or back up.

Protecting Your Home From Flooding Issues

Sump pump-related plumbing services are also much more common during the spring. Most of the time, the home’s sump pump can adequately handle the influx of water from the increase in rain.

However, if flooding occurs, it may become a lot harder for it to keep up. During times of heavy rain, water can enter and flood the basement. The sump pump helps by moving that water from the basement to the outside of the home.

It sits in a pit in the basement floor, known as the basin, and is equipped with sensor valves that can tell when water levels are escalating. Spring is one of the hardest times for home sump pumps. The motor can wear out or it can become overwhelmed, so including a check-up of the sump pump, along with any plumbing services is essential to ensuring the health of the system.

What Usually Clogs Drains?

Rain leads to wet soil, which leads to mud. Mud is not only annoying as it gets tracked through the home and all over the carpet, but it can also lead to clogged outdoor drains that require immediate plumbing services.

The most common sign of a clogged outdoor drain is noticing standing water on the lawn after it rains. If the drain is working correctly, the rain should be able to immediately flow into it without a problem.

If it gets clogged, the entire drain system can back up into the home. Homeowners can help avoid this issue by regularly cleaning their drain covers. Routine maintenance plumbing services are also important to ensure the drain system stays clear and unimpeded.

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