Say Good-Bye to High Water Bills

Readily abundant, safe water is one of the most important advancements in modern society. Unfortunately, such easily-accessible water can have a fairly large environmental footprint because consumers use so much of it because of its availability. Rivers must be dammed up for storage. Purification processes involve expensive infrastructure and chemicals to make your water safe.

Transport piping must be installed and maintained underground. Fortunately, as a consumer, you can make smart choices to help reduce the environmental costs of having safe water without sacrificing the convenience of having it. And believe it or not, it can be done through bathroom remodeling!

Eco-Friendly Shower-Heads

Now more than ever people are trying to be conscious of their impact on the earth. The environmental movement has helped preserve the health and beauty of the environment but it has also had some other positive consequences.

Environmental awareness has driven the development of earth-friendly technology that helps consumers lessen their environmental impacts. Eco-friendly shower-heads are one such technology. Eco-friendly shower-heads are designed to require less water to operate and thus save the water and energy costs associated with showering.

Some people worry about the reduction of flow coming from a water-saving shower-head, thinking that their showers won’t be as enjoyable due to reduced flow. However, eco-friendly shower-heads are designed to distribute water more evenly and more completely despite the reduced volume. The result is a pleasant shower that also saves environmental damage.

Protecting Your Bathroom Plumbing

Changing a shower-head may seem like an easy task, but any time you are dealing with your plumbing it is important to have a professional involved. The spout that your shower-head connects to is screwed into pipe fittings behind the wall of your shower. These fittings are prone to cracking if over-torqued. If you have any pipe cracks behind the wall, a hidden leak can occur and ruin your walls.

Furthermore, the wall will need to be removed to repair the plumbing as well. Having a plumber install your eco-friendly shower-head will ensure that the rest of your plumbing is kept intact and your shower-head is installed correctly.

Shower-Head Replacement Costs and Savings

Much of the water that is used during a shower goes to waste, ending up in sewer treatment facilities and requiring enormous amounts of energy to treat. Reducing the amount of water you use during a shower not only saves water, but it also saves all of the energy that goes into freshwater treatment and sewer treatment.

Cost savings from installing an eco-friendly showerhead plumbing upgrade come from several sources. First, you will save on your water bills because of reduced water and sewer fees. Secondly, you will notice a reduction in utility bills from reduced water heating and water softening costs.

Since water heaters and softeners can be costly to operate, reducing the overall amount of water that they treat will reduce their energy costs, saving you lots of money in the long run.

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