Give Low Water Pressure a Swift Kick Out the Door!

Low water pressure is guaranteed to make even the jolliest of people cranky. It is almost comical how the pressure always seems to fade to a sedate trickle right when a head full of shampoo needs to be washed off. Or there will be a particularly stubbornly sticky piece of food that needs to be washed off a plate, and the pressure will slow to half-hearted, at best. No one wants to eat off dirty dishes or stand under the shower forever, just hoping the shampoo will wash out.

Luckily, there are other options. Read below to learn what may be causing low water pressure in the first place, how to restore proper water pressure in the home, and steps to take to keep low water pressure from being an issue in the first place.

What Is To Blame for Low Water Pressure?

While there are many reasons a homeowner can be dealing with low water pressure, it can usually be narrowed down to a few leading causes. The first is whether the homeowner is running more than one water source simultaneously- for example, running the dishwasher and the washing machine at the same time. Because the pressure is spread out over multiple appliances, it can make the overall pressure weaker since it is less concentrated. 

Another common cause is the water shutoff valve is partially closed, meaning less water gets through the pipes at one time leading to weaker pressure. 

A third cause is debris buildup. Depending on how hard the water is, the material of the pipe itself, or even lack of use, magnesium and other forms of debris can build up on the pipes hindering the flow of water.

Solutions for Low Water Pressure

Once a homeowner has narrowed down the cause of the weak water pressure, there are some things they can do. First, they can create a schedule to ensure only one water appliance is being used at a time. If that does not help the problem, it is time for them to locate the water shutoff valve and determine if it is a lever or handle style. 

If it is a lever style, simply adjust the lever until it is lined up with the water pipe. If it is a handle style, the homeowner must first turn the handle completely counterclockwise, then turn it a quarter of the way in the opposite direction. When it comes to magnesium buildup, the homeowner should have a plumber come out and help them discern whether certain parts of their piping need to be replaced with materials that are better able to withstand the effects of hard water buildup.

Stop Low Water Pressure Before it Starts

The preventative measures that can be taken before low water pressure become an issue are simply a matter of diligence that anyone can achieve. A homeowner should know what kind of material their pipes are made of. If it is material that is susceptible to build up, they should schedule routine cleaning of their pipes

If they are having their home built, they can reduce the likelihood of water pressure issues by choosing more resilient materials. While this may be more expensive upfront, it will likely save money on repairs in the long run. 

Homeowners should also know where their water shutoff valve is located and go behind the plumber after any small repairs to make sure it has been reopened.

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