3 Signs That the Air Ducts Need Updating This New Year

The air ducts of the home are the invisible highway for hot and cold air. Most homes have them, but too often, they go unrecognized and uncared for, adding to the stress and duress the ductwork goes through over its lifespan. Air ducts last quite a while, but over time they do break down and need replacing. The home will give homeowners several signs that the air ducts are close to giving out. Keep reading to discover when it is time to replace and install new ductwork in the home.

# 1: Poor Airflow

Blocked or leaky air ducts are the cause of many airflow troubles in a home. Air ducts that have had spotty maintenance are susceptible to maintaining and developing damage over the years. Over time, all ductwork becomes unsealed with holes, rips, or tears.

As more damage and blockages occur in the ductwork, it becomes less efficient at heating, cooling, and distributing air. Some rips and tears can be repaired, but most are practically invisible, and repairs only last for a short time before replacement becomes unavoidable.

# 2: Mold & Other Odors

When gross smelling air starts leaking out of the vents, something has gone amiss in the air ducts. Sometimes this may be caused by a rodent or bird getting stuck in the ductwork or excessive dirt and grime build-up, but regardless, strange smells point to the ductwork being invaded by something.

While ductwork can be cleaned and animals removed from ducting, how an animal got there in the first place should be of primary concern. Rips and tears that allow the excessive dirt or animals in will need repaired or ultimately replaced.

Additionally, strange odors may signal a more pressing problem: mold. Mold spores travel easily through ductwork, quickly spreading through the entire home and contaminating the air with harmful irritants.

Mold is especially problematic because it grows so easily. Musty and moist air and the darkness inside the ductwork provides the perfect breeding ground for mold spores. Once mold finds a foothold, it can grow into a dangerous colony that impacts the home’s air quality. Depending on the type of mold growing in the ductwork, it can prove hazardous to occupants’ health.

It is nearly impossible to clean every mold spore from the ductwork. The best solution to removing mold from the ductworks is removing the ducting.

# 3: Expanding the Home

Any time a homeowner plans to expand their home, they should expect to expand the ducting as well (and possibly even replace the home’s original ductwork).

Older ductwork does not always mesh perfectly with newer models. Nor can older ductwork stand up to some of the rigors the new system will require. As a home is expanded or systems are upgraded, new ductwork will need to be installed to have heating and cooling in the new area.

Improving and replacing the home’s old ductwork system is one way to ensure that this new year is a healthy, comfortable one.

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