Cooling Services in Kernersville

Stay cool during the hot weather months with top quality cooling repairs, installations, and maintenance.

A functioning cooling system is one of the luxuries you have come to enjoy regularly in your home. Thanks to your AC, you don’t have to suffer through hot weather and can instead enjoy the cool comfort of your home. Having an air conditioning company that is available to you 24/7 for air conditioning service is an important component of being comfortable at all times. No matter when your AC decides to malfunction or shut off completely, the expert technicians at The Plumbing & Air Service Co. can help you get back to enjoying the cool comfort of your home in no time at all.

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We are proud to offer the following Air conditioning services:

Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioner

You might already know the main benefits of having a cooling system installed in your home but you may not be aware of the technological advancements made for cooling systems in the years since you first purchased your AC system. Here are some great benefits of installing a new cooling system:

  • Newer AC systems have higher efficiency ratings, keeping you more comfortable while saving you on utility costs!
  • Maximum climate control using programmable thermostats, smart systems, or zone cooling
  • Limited repairs to your new system
  • Increased indoor air quality and quiet operation

If you’re interested in Kernersville air conditioning installation, call the AC system pros at The Plumbing & Air Service Co.!

Signs You Need Cooling System Repair

When your AC system starts to go haywire, it’s time to call an experienced air conditioning contractor out to your home to see what the problem may be. You don’t have to suffer through sweating uncomfortably in your home when our knowledgeable technicians are available 24/7. Being able to identify the warning signs can help you quickly understand when your AC is in need of professional help. If you are noticing weakened or reduced air flow from your AC vents, this is a sure sign you’re in need of repair. If you notice condensation on your coils or water pooling near your system, there may be an issue with your AC. Strange odors or sounds can also be an indicator of mold growth or electrical problems. Once you’ve discovered the problem, don’t wait to call an ac service contractor!

Have you gotten your AC repaired but still notice cooling issues? You may be in need of duct cleaning & repair.

Why Invest in Regular AC Maintenance?

Many homeowners overlook the importance of scheduling regular maintenance but you wouldn’t stop changing your car’s oil or tires once you’ve bought the car! Just like all of the other major appliances you use daily, your AC is in special need of regular maintenance thanks to the regular and heavy use it gets. When a professional AC contractor comes to your home for maintenance, your electrical and moving components will be checked, repaired, lubricated, and cleaned. A professional tune-up has the added benefit of having an experienced technician take a look at your system to ensure that everything is in functioning order.

At The Plumbing & Air Service Co., we make installations, maintenance, and repair of your AC system an absolute breeze. We pride ourselves on providing our customers top quality repairs at upfront prices you will love! Call our Kernersville, NC technicians today at (336) 996-7444 to schedule your service.