Ductless Mini-Split AC System Services in Kernersville

Looking for new cooling solutions that can save you space and money? Call us for ductless mini split AC installation.

A Ductless mini split AC system is just one cooling solution that you can install in your home. These systems are great to use for additions to housing or for already constructed homes that need a fast and efficient cooling system installed. The best part about these systems is that they don’t need a complicated network of ducts in order to deliver air into the home, making it a popular choice for homes without a duct system or smaller apartments.

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What is a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

A ductless mini split air conditioner is a cooling system that runs without using a series of ducts to transport air around the home. These systems have two main components just like a regular AC system: an outdoor compressor and an indoor handler. The indoor unit is located in the room that it is cooling. This eliminates the need for complicated air duct systems. It works by pulling warm air into the system, cooling it with electrical components, then blowing cool air back into the room. Multiple units can be installed in each room to cool your whole home, also allowing you to customize the temperature in each room to your liking.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of ductless mini split system air conditioners installation are many. For starters, as the name suggests, these AC systems don’t require the use of air ducts. Here are some of the other benefits provided by these small, powerful systems:

  • These systems are small in size and take up minimal space.
  • Allows homeowners to create customizable heating and cooling zones.
  • Saves money on cooling costs by allowing homeowners to cool only areas where the system is in use.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • No energy loss because air is transported straight to the room instead of through duct work.

If these benefits have piqued your interest, you’re in luck. The Plumbing & Air Service Co. provides fast ductless mini-split AC system install.

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Ductless Mini-Split AC Installation

One of the biggest benefits of a ductless mini-split AC system is the ease with which it can be installed in existing and new homes. First, we will determine the heating and cooling requirements of your home. This will help us pick the right size and model for you. We will then install the outdoor component of the unit in a space that gives your new ductless system room to work. Finally, the indoor air handlers will be installed in each room near the tops of your walls through a small hole. After this, you can enjoy the endlessly customizable benefits of a ductless system!

Although The Plumbing & Air Service Co. in Kernersville, NC has been in the home services industry since 1997, we know all of the modern advancements and technology available to you today! We provide expert installation of modern cooling systems including ductless mini-split AC installation. Call us today at (336) 996-7444 to schedule your service!