Why Does My Toilet Clog?

A clogged toilet is one of the drags of life. It will happen but we just don't know when we have to call for immediate drain cleaning services. The most frequent causes are things we do without realizing the consequences. Our mission is to make something quickly disappear which is something that a toilet, in most cases, accomplishes quite efficiently. So why, on the night before your dinner party will the toilet decide to overflow? Well, most often, it is from a slow steady buildup in your pipes. Or, the immediate blockage. Here are the top ten reasons for clogged toilets.

1. Most clogs consist of human excrement and excess toilet paper. A sudden narrowing of the pipes can block the water flow through the drain.

2. Paper towels are getting stronger and fight water buildup. They are not a substitute for toilet tissue.

3. Pasty stuff we use around the house like tile putty is a culprit. Remember the repair work you recently completed? Well, it's worth it to take those few extra trips outside to empty all that gook.

4. Children are prime contributors to clogging toilets. Watch the little toy go around and around then disappear. Again, kids pasty toys - silly putty, stringy stuff are not toilet friendly. Little balls and beads are definite no no's.

5. There are feminine products that say they are 'flushable' but really aren't. Pads and tampons will cause clogs. They are not very water soluble as they shouldn't be for their intended purposes.

6. Wet wipes are also not water soluble and cause clogs.

7. Surprise! Dental floss may be thin but it accumulates in the pipes and clogs.

8. Oil and grease do not easily dissolve. They attach to the sides of the pipes and harden, decreasing the width of the drain pipe.

9. Uneaten food should not be discarded in the toilet. It also accumulates and takes time to dissolve.

10. Frequent hair shampoos cause hair to accumulate each week in your household drains eventually effecting the toiletry plumbing.

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