Pet Owners: 3 Plumbing Tips to Keep Cat and Dog Hair Out of Drains and Pipes

For many people who own dogs or cats, one of their biggest complaints involves their pets shedding hair throughout their Greensboro home. But while it's an annoyance to find hair on the furniture, it's a different situation when the pet hair winds up going down the drains and into the pipes. When this occurs, it can lead to a wide variety of plumbing problems that will need the services of a plumber to fix properly. If you don't want to pay large repair bills for problems that could be avoided, here are some tips you can follow.

Hair in the Toilet

While it may sound disgusting, it can also produce plenty of problems in the drains and pipes below. If dogs are allowed to drink from the toilet bowl on a regular basis, they will shed more and more of their hair into the bowl. This can lead to the hair being flushed down the toilet and into the pipes, where it almost always winds up clogging the pipes and requiring the services of a plumber to fix. To keep this problem from happening, all that has to be done is keep dogs out of the bathroom and give them water bowls with lots of fresh water to drink.

Hair and the Bathtub

While it's inevitable that dog or cat hair will go down the drain during their baths, that doesn't mean so much of it has to go there so that it results in clogs forming. To guard against this, use a drain strainer made for pet baths. These strainers have plenty of small holes and, unlike standard strainers, will catch far more pet hair. If you want to avoid high repair bills for clogs, make this part of your pet-bathing equipment.

Don't Flush the Litter

When litter boxes are cleaned, the litter contains not only waste and other debris, but also plenty of cat hair. And to make matters worse, many pet owners now use flushable cat litter in order to make the cleaning process easier. However, while the litter box is easily cleaned, their Greensboro pipes below are getting more and more clogged every time the litter is flushed down the toilet. When it's flushed, the litter and hair act like concrete in the pipes, creating a very thick and strong clog. Rather than have this happen, disregard flushable litter and dispose of all kitty waste in a trashcan.

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