Clean Up Your Greensboro Home's Air with a UV Air Sanitizer

3 Reasons to Get a UV Air Sanitizer for Your Home

UV Air Sanitizers use UV-C, which is a portion of the ultraviolet light range that is clarified by the earth’s air, to destroy airborne microorganisms. The objective is to decrease or eradicate the actual development or growth of things like fungi, microorganisms, and viruses.

It is not a new technology. These methods have been used for over 100 years. They can kill germs in the surface and on water. In fact, it has been proven to kill more than 99 percent of the germs in a Greensboro home. Did you know that hospitals use a UV-C as a method to sanitize a patient’s room? It is also used on medical tools, hand basins and more. Due to the emerging expertise, the power of UV-C has been coupled and can be used personally. These new technologies are used to create safe and effective air sanitizers, and HEPA Air Cleansers.

Where Do These Molds and Fungi in the Air Come From?

The HVAC system has a great deal of moisture and warmth in it. These systems are the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. They also circulate these harmful particles into the air. Many people don’t know that their furnace or air conditioning unit is one of the reasons why ¼ of the population gets influenza each year. This is one reason why you need an air purification system.

The Argument For The Purification System

There are numerous reasons why one of these systems would be perfect for your Greensboro home or office. Of course, you want a space that is clean for all who live of work there. But the main thing is you want to ensure a healthy environment that is free from contaminants. There are three main reasons why you need this type of unit, here’s why:

*These systems will reduce or eliminate the growth of fungi, various viruses and other bacteria.

*It is a chemical-free way to sanitize the air for everyone in the home or office.

*UV-C light is highly effective in destroying germs and viruses and making the area safe for those with even the most sensitive allergies.

Not Just Any Unit Will Do

There are numerous units on the market that promise to give you all sorts of cleaning power. However, don't be fooled, only a unit that harvest and uses UV-C light will actually get the area sanitized properly. If a hospital trust it, you should too.

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