Essential Home Plumbing Tips

Interested in learning how you can get the most out of your plumbing system? Do preventative maintenance on a regular basis. Do a walkabout of your Greensboro, NC home every month or so and look for signs of plumbing leaks, like pooling water, mold growth or water damage.

If you suspect a leak, call for help sooner rather than later. In addition to doing a visual inspection, adopt these good habits to help keep leaks at bay and to improve the reliability of your plumbing.

Adhere to Local Regulations

You might be inclined to DIY some plumbing jobs to save some money on labor costs. This can be a good move, but make sure that the work is done correctly.

If it isn’t up to code, or if it isn’t completed correctly, you may be setting yourself up for problems in the future.
You could even be liable if you sell your house and something goes wrong with the plumbing.

Use Hair Traps

Hair getting stuck in your drains is the cause of the most stubborn plumbing clogs. These are messy and can cause a nasty backflow of water.

You can keep this from happening by fitting hair traps over the drain. They work well and are really easy to clean.

Check Your Water Pressure out

How high is your water pressure? Is it more than 80 psi? If so, you need to drop it down to about 40-65 psi, which is considered a safer range.

When water pressure is too high, the water flowing through your plumbing system batters the pipes and fixtures. Eventually, it will break down and leak. You need to have some force for a decent shower, but you don't want it overly high.

Clean Drains

You can keep water free flowing in your home by putting food scraps in the garbage or compost, rather than down the drain. Don't put things like diapers, wet wipes or sanitary napkins down there either.

If you haven't had one in a while, get a professional drain cleaning. This service will clean out clog-forming debris and keep your drains smelling nice too. It can also help your plumbing work better and last longer.

Have you ever had a professional plumbing inspection? It is a good idea to get one done once in a while to help you identify small leaks before they become huge problems. It is an especially a good idea if you have an older home.