Why Replace Your Heating and AC at the Same time?

So your HVAC system has finally decided to call it quits. Thinking about the cost of buying a new furnace or AC can seem a bit overwhelming, especially when you see your first bill. There are times, however, when replacing both the heater and air conditioner at the same time can actually be beneficial. Read on to discover the pros and cons of replacing your heating and AC at the same time, and if it applies to you.

What are the Pros?

One thing to keep in mind when replacing your furnace or AC unit is that these systems are designed to work together in order to provide the optimum air quality and temperature in your home.

If you replace your furnace with a newer model but keep your 18-year-old air conditioner, you may be putting some limitations on how well your new furnace can perform. Even the highest quality furnace can only work as well as its counterpart.

Another pro to completely replacing your HVAC system altogether is energy efficiency. Whenever you upgrade your old furnace or air conditioner, you’re investing your money into updated technology that is more energy efficient, thus keeping dollars in your wallet over time. This is especially true if both your furnace and air conditioner are around the same age. If both are reaching the 20-year mark, it would be wise to think about replacing both and save much more in the future.

There are Always Cons

Probably the most important factor for any homeowner when making a large purchase is cost. Whether or not you can afford to pay to have both systems replaced at the same time is a very important question to ponder.

Your HVAC system is vital, and making sure both the air conditioner and furnace are working is the main thing. If your furnace needs an update, but your air conditioner works perfectly fine, it may not be time.

Call For a Technician's Inspection

If you’re really stuck on whether or not you should be replacing both your air conditioner and your furnace, have a technician come and take a look. It never hurts to get a professional opinion, especially when it comes to important matters like your HVAC system.

Greensboro, NC has cold winters and hot summers, so making sure both temperature regulators work optimally is important. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from a professional before deciding.

At the end of the day, it really boils down to what is best for the individual homeowner. Sometimes it is better to set it and forget it, installing both units at the same time. This option gives you years of peace of mind.

On the other hand, it may not be financially feasible to replace both, or one may be still in good standings with many years left. Whatever decision you make will end up benefiting you and your home in the long run.