3 Things You Did Not Imagine About Solar Water Heaters

Solar power isn't necessarily a new idea. For over 20 years, people have been harnessing sunlight to power their homes or businesses. Though even after all these years, there are still some things many people don't know about the wonders of solar-powered appliances, like for instance, solar-powered water heaters!

Read on to learn more about DIY solar powered water heaters, saving money with new solar-powered technology, and a visionary invention that changed the way an entire community heats water!

They Can Be DIY Projects

One surprising thing about solar powered appliances like water heaters is that they are relatively easy to assemble yourself using copper coils, in as little as thirteen steps! One man in Brazil even invented a solar-powered water heater using plastic water bottles and milk cartons, and changed his town, and several other towns across Brazil, forever (but more on that in a bit)!

You may be thinking "is it really worth it to build my own water heater? How long can a homemade appliance actually last?" But some experts actually say that adequately maintained DIY solar water heaters can last as long as 20-30 years. That's more than some traditional water heating systems!

Advanced Technology Can Save You Money

Another point that people often overlook about modern solar-powered technology is how much money you can save! In fact, some Greensboro residents can save an estimated $100 per month by switching to solar energy!

You can save even more money if you take advantage of the scientific developments and information available today to help you build your own DIY appliances, rather than investing anywhere from $900 to $3,000 on a new electric water heater. Between the initial cost and the monthly savings, it's almost a no-brainer to take advantage of the advancements in solar energy today!

Jose Alano (from Brazil) Constructed One Using Plastic Bottles!

Remember when we said you could DIY a solar water heater? Well, here's proof! In 2002, a Brazilian man named Jose Alano, who had become dissatisfied with his town's lack of a recycling collection plan, decided to take recycling his plastic waste into his own hands.

After months of plastic bottles and cartons piling up in his home, Alano and his wife decided that rather than taking their recyclables to the landfill, they would put them to good use. Because Alano was a retired mechanic, he had the basic skills and knowledge of solar water heaters necessary to build one for himself, out of the plastic materials he had- 100 bottle, and 100 milk cartons!

Today, Alano’s design, along with information on how to build your own plastic bottle water heater are public domain, and accessible to people all over the world! It runs on the principle of thermosyphon, which does not require the use of pumps or electricity to induce circulation. Because of this, the alternative water heater invented by Alano has been reported to save homeowners as much as 30% on their energy costs!