The Main Reasons People Will Install Central AC Vs. a Window Unit

Having a hard time between installing a ductless window unit, or investing in central AC for your home? Like everything in life, both types of AC units have their pros and cons. Deciding which unit best suits your lifestyle is merely a matter of carefully considering the benefits and costs of each type of unit, and coming up with a solution that gives you the most of what you need for the least cost.

At The Plumbing Service Company, we always make you and your home our number one priority. That’s why we’ve put together the following overview comparing central AC and window units to help you come to a decision that you’ll be 100% satisfied with!

Central AC

Today, central AC units are the most commonly used system in most places across the country. Central AC is popular because it can circulate air more effectively than window units so that the cool air gets distributed evenly throughout your entire home.

Living in the south, central AC is often regarded as a better option because, while central cooling units are substantially more expensive and complicated to install than window units, they are much better at dehumidifying the air. Central AC units also do a much better job of filtering allergens like dust and pollen out of the air in your home.

That said, the effective cooling and better air quality that central AC units provide do come with a hefty price tag. Central HVAC systems require regular maintenance, and repairs can sometimes cost as much as a brand new window unit would.

Window Unit

Window units are a great alternative to central cooling if you are looking to avoid costly installation fees and extensive work in your home.

Because window AC units are ductless, they can be easily installed by just about anyone, saving you from having to call an HVAC service.

Window units are also more cost efficient than central ac because you don't have to have to cool the entire house all the time. You can save significantly on your monthly energy bill by treating your AC the same way you do lights: turn it on when you enter a room, and off when you leave!

While the savings window units provide are undeniable, you may be sacrificing a certain level of comfort to get them. Keep in mind that window units can’t filter your air nearly as well as a central unit could, and may allow more humidity into the room than you’d like.

Window units also don’t have the circulation power to provide a consistent temperature across an entire room, so areas further away from the window may have hot spots.

Which One is Right For You?

Now that we know the basic pros and cons, which unit do you think better fits your lifestyle: the more effective, but also more expensive central air cooling, or the more eco-friendly but less convenient window unit?

When making your decision, remember to keep the following in mind:

  • Central AC is ideal for allergy sufferers and people with asthma or other respiratory conditions.
  • Window units cost less both upfront and month-to-month.
  • Central AC does a better job at keeping the outside humidity out of your home.