How Does Repiping Work?

When Is Repiping Needed?

Outside of electrical wiring, piping is the other big project when it comes to house building. Whether it's the master bathroom - complete with his and hers sinks - or a laundry room with a soaking sink to get out any clothes stains, every inch of a home relies on plumbing to operate. That's a lot of plumbing that can fall into disrepair.

Keep on reading to understand why pipe re-installation is needed, what installation services are available to homeowners and how plumbers install pipes in homes.

When to Install New Pipes
Pipe installations are needed in both old and new homes for a wide variety of reasons. Here are several situations one might encounter when pipe replacement is required:

  • OLD PIPES BURST: When old pipes burst over winter, the section burst of pipe needs to be removed and have a new pipe installed.
  • PIPES CORRODE: Copper pipes can be prone to corrosion. When they spring leaks or cracks, the portion of the pipe will be removed and a new pipe installed.
  • REMODELING AN OLD HOME: If a home has never been repiped and it's being remodeled, it's a good time to have new pipes installed. This can save heartache later after the walls have been sealed up.
  • INSTALLING IN A LAUNDRY ROOM: When remodeling and adding features like laundry rooms, homeowners need to have pipes installed that link a washing machine to water intake pipes and a main line to remove greywater.

Repiping Services Available

Plumbers are pros when it comes to piping installation services. Here are a few services a local plumber can take care of:

  • WHOLE-HOME REPIPING: When multiple pipes show signs of age and disrepair, replacing one pipe is like putting a bandaid on a broken leg. When experiencing multiple leaks, cracks, holes or fractures in several pipes all around the house, it could be time to have it all repiped.
  • OUTDOOR PIPE INSTALLATION: There might be pipes that lead into the house from the outside. Plumbers can lay these pipes down and connect them up to get the house up and running.
  • PIPING AN ADDITION: When remodeling and building an addition to the home, it might need piping connected to a new bathroom, laundry room or craft room. Plumbers can take care of this type of job.

Pipe Installation Tools Plumbers Use
Pipe installation is not a job for the faint of heart and, if done incorrectly, can contribute more problems to a house than the leak before it! Plumbers study for years and apprentice before they tackle these types of problems on their own. When they do, they can be expected to use several tools to complete the job correctly.

Plumbers use wrenches, plumbers tape, pipe cutters and a welder. Because of the complexity of pipe installs, it's always best to work with an experienced plumbing company.

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