Water Heater Installation & Repair in Greensboro

If your water heater is on the fritz, it may be time to bring in a professional. Call (336) 884-7056 and get qualified water heater installation and repair services from The Plumbing & Air Service Co. today.

Your water heater is an integral part of your home’s plumbing system which plays a critical role in keeping your water warm to use for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. That’s why if you start to experience issues or if you find yourself with no hot water at all, The Plumbing & Air Service Co. is available to help.

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How Does Your Water Heater Work?

Most water heaters use a tank to store water and heat it to a consistent temperature, ensuring that there is hot water whenever you need it. However, as you use the water which is stored in the tank, it depletes, meaning that the more hot water you use, the less there will be in the reserve tank.

This is why many people experience a lack of hot water when they live in a household where multiple people are using it as once, such as in the early morning when everyone is getting ready for work or school. However, if there is an issue with your water heater, then you may not have any access to hot water at all! If this happens, give the experts at The Plumbing & Air Service Co. a call for a quick solution.

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Let Us Help

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When your water heater breaks down, call (336) 884-7056 and get reliable water heater installation and repair services in Greensboro, NC.