What is Air Balancing in HVAC and How Do You Do It?

Air Balancing

What Is Air Balancing and How Does It Work?

Air balancing in HVAC is a procedure that helps homeowners identify inefficiencies in their HVAC system. By detecting and addressing inadequate airflow or ductwork problems, air duct balancing can lower home energy bills and make every room in your home more comfortable.

Do I Need Air Balancing?

Even minor airflow inefficiencies can create significant temperature and humidity differences in various parts of your home.

You might benefit from air balancing testing if you’ve noticed any of the tell-tale signs of poor air balance, including:

  • Hot or cold spots in specific rooms
  • Noticeable temperature differences between upper and lower floors
  • Weak or no airflow from specific vents
  • Rising energy bills that aren’t connected to changes in energy use or price fluctuations

How an HVAC Air Balance Test Works

The HVAC air balancing procedure is a data-driven process that relies on detailed testing and analysis performed by a Plumbing & Air Service Co. technician. The process involves installing temporary hoods over every air vent or register, installing sensors throughout the system to monitor airflow, and measuring each room’s temperature and humidity level. Your technician will assess the results to determine how well-balanced your HVAC system is and where it could use some help.

Analyzing Your Test Results

After crunching the numbers and analyzing the data, the technician will make personalized recommendations to enhance your home’s air circulation.

In most cases, the recommendations will fall into one of these categories:

  1. Thermostat and blower fan – Adjusting these control system elements is often the easiest tweak to make. Faulty thermostats cause many HVAC issues, including reduced airflow and short cycling, which can result in costly repairs, higher energy bills, and decreased HVAC system lifespan. Blower fan speed also impacts air circulation.
  2. Leaky ductwork – Gaps, holes, or poorly aligned duct joints cause leaky ductwork. Ductwork leaks reduce the air volume that reaches different rooms in your home, creating uncomfortable hot or cold spots. Extensive leaks may drastically reduce or eliminate airflow to vents. Air balancing testing identifies opportunities to insulate certain sections of ductwork to reduce heat or cooling loss between your furnace.
  3. Inadequate HVAC System – Luckily, the most expensive fix is also the least common. Homes with the wrong size HVAC system or the wrong diameter ductwork often experience poor performance and air circulation. Replacing your system is likely cost-prohibitive, but our technicians can help you make the most of your current infrastructure and maximize efficiency.

What Are the Benefits of HVAC Air Balancing?

Balancing air ducts has an immediate impact on your home comfort and gives you an excellent return on your investment.

Benefits of air balancing include:

  • Enhanced comfort – Resolving hot or cold spots allows you to enjoy a more comfortable living space.
  • Lower energy bills – Improving airflow reduces the need to account for temperature differences in various areas of the home. As a result, you will run your heating or cooling system less frequently, saving money every month.
  • Fewer maintenance costs – Minimizing wear and tear on your unit, air balancing combined with regular furnace and air conditioning unit maintenance can lower the risk of emergency repairs or premature replacement.

What Is the Difference Between Duct Balance and Air Balance?

Duct balancing and air balancing are two terms that describe the same process. Air balancing is the industry-preferred term simply because it better describes the goal of the procedure: balancing air circulation to every part of the home. While attempting to balance air ducts at the damper is a start, DIY air balancing techniques may not give you the energy savings or efficiency you’ll find through trusted professional services.

Air Balancing Company Near Me

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