Drain Maintenance: How to Keep Drains from Clogging

Clogged Drain

The Best Way to Keep Drain Pipes Clean at Home

Prevent annoying and damaging clogs by maintaining your drains with routine cleaning. You can avoid major blockages by cleaning the plumbing in your sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet regularly.

If you’re dealing with an especially stubborn clog, the pros at The Plumbing & Air Service Co. in Greensboro are here to help with drain cleaning or other plumbing tasks.

How to Keep Drains Clean with Regular Maintenance

The best way to fight clogs is to stop them from happening in the first place.

Keep drains from clogging by:

  • Cleaning buildup from pipes. Clear out pipe blockages, buildup, and odors with a homemade cleaning solution. Pour half a cup of baking soda followed by half a cup of white vinegar directly into your drain and plug immediately. Wait 15 minutes, then unplug and carefully flush the pipes with a kettle or panful of boiling water.
  • Using a non-toxic drain cleaner. Enzymatic and bacterial drain cleaners are the best for regular cleaning. They don’t corrode your pipes the same way chemical cleaners do when used routinely, and they’re better for the environment.
  • Clearing your garbage disposal. It’s easy for a garbage disposal to become clogged with organic material that emits unpleasant odors into your kitchen. Clean it by running a few cups of ice, a few tablespoons of coarse salt, and some lemon or orange peel chunks through the disposal.
  • Knowing how to keep hair from clogging the shower drain. Cover your drain with a mesh hair trap to make cleaning easier. Clear any visible hair from your shower or tub after each use. Every month, use a barbed tool to remove hair from the top of the drain.
  • Keeping your sink grease-free. Kitchen sinks and home plumbing aren’t designed for fats and oils. Instead of putting grease down the drain, mop it up with a paper towel or pour it into an empty can. Store the can in the fridge or freezer and throw it out with your garbage when it’s full.
  • Maintaining your cleaning schedule. The most important part of drain maintenance is keeping up with it. Rinse out your kitchen sink with a few cups of boiling water every week. Clear out your other drains with cleaners once monthly.

Tips to Clear a Clogged Drain Pipe Yourself

When clogs happen, many of them will be small enough to clear yourself.

To eliminate blockages:

  1. Use a plunger on your drain. Use a bell-shaped plunger to clear sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets. Use a separate plunger for the toilet to keep other fixtures clean. When you plunge a sink or shower drain, place the plunger end over the drain and run enough water to cover it. Then, pump as you would for a toilet.
  2. Clear your pipes with biological cleaners. Enzymatic and bacterial cleaners are good for more than routine maintenance. They can also clear out blocked pipes without being too harsh on your plumbing.
  3. Pull blockages from the top of your drains. Use a barbed drain tool or a bent wire coat hanger to pull hair, buildup, and other debris from the top part of your pipes.
  4. Blow clogs clear with pressurized cleaners. Cleansers powered by air or water pressure can blast clogs out of the way, clearing your pipes. If you choose an air-pressure cleaner, make sure the tool fits snugly over your drain or that you have an adaptor to create a tight fit.

Schedule Drain Cleaning in Greensboro, NC

When DIY drain cleaning doesn’t cut it, turn to the experts at The Plumbing & Air Service Co. We’ll send out a knowledgeable and friendly technician to provide professional drain cleaning services that will clear your drains thoroughly and efficiently. Our experienced team members can tell you what’s causing the blockage and remove it so you can get back to using your bathroom or kitchen as usual. Call (336) 502-8540 [15] or request service online.

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